New Zealand’s National Parks

If you have been craving for a serene gateway; cool atmosphere, beautiful scenery, enriching cultural heritage, and rare species of wildlife then New Zealand should be your next vacation destination. The National Parks in New Zealand attests to the Nation’s dedicated conservation muscle, and such can be thoroughly enjoyed on New Zealand coach tours like the 14 day New Zealand Vista. The forests and landscapes give a breath-taking view of nature’s glory. Here are some of the best National Parks in New Zealand:

Abel Tasman National Park- This is one of the most frequented arks in New Zealand in spite of its small size. It is the smallest of all the national parks in New Zealand, but with the best setting for relaxation and plugging out. With tour operators offering such services as water taxi, kayaking, and heli-tours, your options of adventure are unlimited.

The park has expansive sandy beaches that swathe the gaps between the trees giving you safe grounds to walk barefoot as the sand massages your soles. Small streams smoothly wind their way into the ocean, the sound of the vibration a fine meditation tune. While here, enjoy the site of the moss-filled valley as clear streams flow through them; with growths on the banks swaying in honourable salute. Some of the wildlife to see here are Tui, bellbirds, gannets, cormorants, and blue penguins. There are luxurious lodges, but you can sleep under the stars.

The Nelson Lakes National Park- If you are into sight-seeing, then the Nelson Lakes National Park will satiate your wanderlust. The site is home to many mountain ranges that are separated by forests. While here you can explore the Rotoroa and Rotoiti alpine lakes. Activities you can enjoy here include alpine hiking, trout fishing, snow skiing, and lakeside strolling. The Nelson Lakes National Park stretches on a 102,000 hectares area, quite a size for adventure.

The park with its nectar-eating birds, lizards, bush robins, kakariki, and kaka, is a beautiful site to see, but the story of how Rakaihaitu, the great chief created the lakes by digging holes with his digging stick will astound you. The holes he dug became Rotoroa and Rotoiti. There are different offers on huts for accommodation.

The Tongariro National Park- This national park was a gift the New Zealand government received. The site has alpine meadows, hot springs, and emerald lakes that will impress your eyes.

Have you come any closer to living volcanoes? Here there are live volcanoes with the latest volcanic eruption having happened at Mount Tongariro in 2012. The craters are conducive for hiking, and the slopes are for skiing. To keep tourist safe, there is a monitoring system that warns people when volcanoes are about to erupt. One of the most popular activities in the park is the Tongariro Alpine Crossing that involves traversing through three mountains.

New Zealand National Parks is your best bet for vacation and recreation. With many natural scenery and beautiful sites, you can expect to create memories that last with just one visit. From navigable rivers, to mountains, to green plateaus and glacier lakes, your visit to any of the New Zealand National Parks will full your soul with serenity.